Harry Potter and the Imperious Curse.

He was crouched behind one of the armchairs in the Griffindor common room, his legs aching almost as much as the bulge in his trousers. It was late, and only a few candles remained spluttering around the room, the rest long burnt down and extinguished. Occasionally, a flare of red late would illuminate the room as Harry’s wand released a few red sparks as he tapped it against his leg to slow the shakes in his hand.

It was the night before an exam, so he knew Hermione would be down in the library, staying long past everyone else, so he continued to let the minutes creep past as he lied in wait. Before long, he heard Hermione’s voice drift over from the other side of the portrait hole, breathlessly speaking the password before letting off a slight grunt as she lifted herself into the narrow crawlspace. Harry felt as though his cock had never been harder as he watched her feet stride past from under the chair, towards the girls dormitory. Just before she reached it, her back to Harry’s hiding place, he raised a shaking hand, and with a flick of his wand and a muttered “imperio!” She stopped dead in her tracks.

A smile grew on Harry’s face as she turned to face him, his eyes taking in her school uniform not for the first time. They raked up her body, and saw that she was plain black pumps and a black skirt, her legs encased in tights, also black. Her upper body was wrapped in her school shirt, the tie hanging loose with several buttons undone, allowing Harry to see the top of a white bra beneath. His first thought was to have her there and then, but another part wanted privacy for the scenes playing through his head, so he directed her back towards the portrait hole. He followed close behind, watching her skirt bob up and down tantalizingly as she walked, and riding up enough for a slight glimpse of her panties as she climbed ahead of him through the hole.

As soon as they were out of the common room, his feet quickly followed familiar paths until they found themselves in an abandoned classroom, a safe distance from any dormitories, or paths that the last few students returning to bed would take. He once again turned to Hermione, obediently stood in the middle of the classroom.

“Take off your shoes” Harry said, barely more than a whisper.

She obeyed, kicking them off towards a corner of the room.

“Take off your shirt.” Harry said, his voice much softer than the bulge in his trousers.

She obeyed, the shirt and tie falling to the ground beside her.

“Take off your skirt.” He said, his voice becoming more breathless the more flesh she revealed.

She once again obeyed, the faintest of smiles on her lips as she added her skirt to the small pile of clothes growing in the room.

“Take off your tights.” His voice was shaking now.

She obeyed, as he knew she would. She stood before him in plain underwear, but he’d never seen anything sexier. His cock was aching now, but he wouldn’t be rushed.

“Come towards me… and get on your knees.” He was back to a whisper, his voice breaking on the last word.

She obeyed.

He stared down at her face, his eyes locked on her cute little mouth. Placing his wand on a desk behind him, he slowly undid his flies. His cock burst free into the air. He took a tiny step towards her, he was now close enough to feel her warm breath on the tip of his manhood. With each exhale she was making him harder.

“Open your mouth.”

She did so, and he almost instantly filled it with his cock. The sensation was glorious. He slid it almost entirely into her mouth, before slowly pulling back until only the tip remained, balanced on Hermione’s tongue and lips. He did this for several minutes, his eyes locked with hers, his mind oblivious to all but the feel of her mouth.

Just as he was beginning to wonder what her face would look with the addition of his cum, he forced himself to pull out and calm down. She stayed in the same position, looking up at him with her mouth wide open. Precum and saliva has mixed on her chin, forming thick ropes that hung briefly from her face, before disappearing down onto her cleavage.

Harry was grinning like a maniac as he told her to stand up. He ordered her towards an old desk, taking in the shape of her ass through the panties as she walked. She stopped next to it, spinning on the spot to face him, the grin still playing on her face. It looked all the cuter from the faint traces of cum still on it.

“Take off that bra, please.” He said, adding his own grin to hers.

She did so, slowly, allowing her breasts the freedom to slowly climb and drop with her breathing.

“And your panties.” He commanded, loath to tear his eyes away from her perfect breasts.

She hooked her thumbs between each side of her underwear and slid them the full length of her legs. The white fabric clung briefly to the wetness between her legs.

“Lie down on the desk, on your back.” He’d grown more confident now that he’d felt her mouth, and this order came out clear.

She scrambled to obey.

Hermione finally lay in front of him, naked and smiling, her legs open just enough to reveal a faintly glistening womanhood. He moved around the table, throwing off his clothes as he did so, until he stood between her legs, but a few feet away.

“Open your legs Hermione.” Using her name turned him on even more.

She obeyed.

His mind was filled with ideas, but one idea won over, and he uttered another quiet command.

“Play with your clit.” The word was awkward, he’d never had to say it aloud before.

She obeyed.

Hermione slid a hand the full length of her body, lingering for the briefest of seconds on her breasts as it made her way down between her legs. Once there, her fingers found her clit and began to rub it in a slow circle. Her body shuddered at the touch.

Harry took a step towards her, and added his fingers to the warmth between her legs. They easily slid inside her, and he fucked her for a minute with two fingers while she continued to rub a circle across her own clit. A minute was all it took, before Hermione’s body stiffened and her legs shook. As soon as her orgasm had subsided, he pressed the tip of his cock between her lips and pushed. He slid inside his friend easily, the warmth that welcomed his cock threatened to make him cum instantly. He slowly thrust into her, once again letting his cock almost leave her with every stroke. After a few minutes, he was driving his cock as deep as it could go. His eyes repeatedly scanned the writhing girl in front of him, taking in the way her wavy hair stuck to the sweat on her neck and shoulders, the way her breasts bounced every time he entered her, and the perfect little patch of hair above her otherwise bald pussy.

It wasn’t long before he had to pull out again, this time with thoughts of covering her stomach in cum. He had one final idea, one that had been playing in his mind as soon as he watched her ass bounce across the room.

“Get up, then bend yourself over this desk.” The words were breathless from both the excitement of what was to come and the strain of fucking her. But she still understood, and in seconds there she was, bent over in front of him, her hair cascading down her back.

He took an eager step towards her, his cock pressing into one of her ass cheeks before his hands spread them apart. Harry stared down at her asshole for several seconds before pressing the tip against it. His cock was slick from fucking her pussy, so the tip slid inside her easily. He took a deep breath at the same time she did, before pushing into her ass. The hands on her ass cheeks clamped down instantly as the tightness took hold of him. He could barely keep from cumming as he slid in and out of Hermione’s ass.
It was only a few minutes before he couldn’t hold it any more. He slid out of her ass, gritting his teeth to stop himself from letting go before barking an order.

“Get back down on your knees in front of me!” He spat from behind his clenched teeth.

She obeyed.

She threw herself at his feet, and he almost immediately began to unload on her face. Thick streaks of cum began to paint Hermione’s face, her smile never faltering as more and more of her face became obscured by Harrys cum. When he finished, she was unrecognizable. Her lips were almost entirely covered in cum, strands of it already making their way down her chin onto her breasts. Lines of it also covered one side of her cheeks, and mascara was running down from both eyes. Her smile had never been sexier. He pressed the tip of his cock back into her mouth, savoring the look of his best friend plastered in his cum until he went soft.

Harry then stepped backwards, and began to dress. He left her sitting there covered in cum until he’d finished.

“Swallow all that cum.”

She obeyed again, scooping the cum from her tits and face with the flat of finger before pouring it into her mouth. When it was all within her lips, she showed the results to Harry before swallowing it with an audible gulp.

He led her back to her clothes, before ordering her to re-dress. He made the same walk back to the common room, barely taking his eyes off Hermione’s ass. After clambering though the portrait hole, he ordered her back to her own dormitory. His head was full of the last hour as he walked towards the staircase to his bedroom. However, Hermione’s voice broke him from his stupor before he made it to the first step.

“By the way, Harry, you need to keep hold of your wand for the Imperious curse to keep affecting them. Otherwise they just go back to normal.”

He turned around, and was met by the same grin he’d been looking at all night. She winked, and skipped up the stairs to her own dormitory.


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Harry Potter and the Imperious Curse.